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Logo design for 
A Sale A Day 

"I've worked with a few other graphic designers in the past (some well known ones) that have soured my experience in general with working with designers because you're expected to have so much already thought out in your head.


But with you it's like I can have a feeling for how I want it to look and you can take my vision and turn it into something beautiful. I feel like most people hiring graphic designers don't know exactly what they want yet, and what you provide is like magic! It's so rare and refreshing."


-Mei Pak



As a marketing mastermind (110K social media followers and growing!), Mei understands that awesome branding communicates a product's personality, which in turn makes it more memorable and trustworthy to customers.

For her "A Sale a Day" business system, Mei asked for a logo that represented her brand's positive and professional demeanor.

Design process: first draft options
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