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"I didn't know exactly what I wanted, but when April sent me the mockups, I was delighted! She took everything I said and pushed it a level further. April developed a set of logos and illustrations that was exactly what I was dreaming my company could be.

Throughout the entire process, April was an amazing listener, had great insights into my customer base and company's goals, and somehow brought all of that to life in illustrated form. She delivered on time and with incredible quality. I've already recommended her to multiple friends of mine."


-Stacey Trock



FreshStitches logo, illustration, & web design
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FreshStitches revamped logo
First draft options:
Ami Club logos:
Additional illustrations:

Stacey came to Studio AM looking for a branding expert and illustrator to give her website some "KA-POW!" 


Anybody who uses the all-caps words "KA-POW!" to describe their design objective is someone I can't turn down.


Stacey had a challenging goal: she needed new illustrations that charmed both a younger, more worldly audience, as well as an older, more conservative fan base. I also had the goal of making sure Stacey's fun and quirky personality continued to shine through-- I could tell that it's a huge key to her success!


For her new logo, I presented Stacey a variety of different versions of her mascot, Nelson the Owl. We created a hybrid of several of them and adjusted details until he was 100% "amazing and perfect," in Stacey's words. 


She even had custom Converse shoes printed with the new Nelson logo on them-- how cool is that?


From there we moved on to a logo for her new website's subscription club, derived from the new Nelson illustration. To advertise the new Ami Club, I designed the layout for her new homepage with a hero photograph, and sales points with illustrations. 


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