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Social media advertisements for Creative Hive Co.

"I just now looked at the images and here's my first reaction:


OMG! *goosebumps*!!! I love them all!"


-Mei Pak (after receiving first draft options for this project)



Entrepreneur extraordinaire Mei Pak came to me with a request for reusable templates to create advertisements for her free workshops. 

She wasn't sure exactly how she wanted them to look, but after asking some questions about her business and doing some research on her target audience, I was able to take the puzzle off her hands and create.

Mei was so thrilled with one of the first draft options I presented that no edits were necessary! "I don't feel we need any revision. Isn't that crazy?! You're amazing."

She now uses these Photoshop templates to create crisp, eye-catching graphics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email campaigns.

Design process: first draft options
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