Studio AM Custom shower, birthday, and wedding invitations

Have fun, be yourself, and help others do the same.



I love helping others express themselves! What are you excited about? My goal is to design something that will make others just as excited about it as you are.


I obsess over my graphic design projects so much that if I work at night, I never go to bed. So, fittingly, Studio "AM" is more than just my initials: I get up at 5AM

to work!

Hi! I'm April Matthews.

PHONE: (541) 842-0148



Studio AM is based in Cleveland, OH, and works with clients throughout the United States.


     • layout & typography

     • fine art

     • writing

     • photography

     • architecture & 3D modeling

Who you'll be working with:

I’m a people person who loves listening; a perfectionist with a sense of humor.


I thrive on deadlines, learning, and creative problem-solving.


I have an analytical mind and an artistic eye, and nothing makes me happier than to combine the two!

Favorite color:



Although I'd call it more of a lifelong obesession rather than a favorite color. Second-favorite color rotates weekly (currently dark teal).


I'm currently accepting custom projects.


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